ZHONGDA was established in 1997. In recent years, we put our major effort on environment protection field, especially in utilization of recycling plastic, i.e. waste plastic recycling technology and machinery and their promotion as well and gain substantial achievements. So far customers from all over the world are working together with us and benefited from our professional services. Our machinery and technology are in the field of PE, PET, PVC etc. recycling and utilization which can help you to establish your fruitful career, meanwhile contribute to the improvement of global environment. Waste plastic recycling business is a career with great potential and supported by all governments in the world. We believe our company can give you a good hand on the development of your business in this field.

Zhongda is specialized in exporting of Plastic (PET, PE, PP...) recycling related machinery and textile machinery and production: Polyester Staple Fiber Production Line, PET Bottle Crushing and Washing Line, PET Box Straping Line,Polyester/PET Spunbonded Nonwovens Production Line, PP Spunbonded Nonwovens Production Line.

PET Recycling MaterialPET drinking bottles, oil bottles  in our daily life, other PET, PE, PP scrap etc. 

Final Products: Polyester Staple Fiber (for Nonwoven Fabric or Yarn), Polyester Geotextile, PET Box Strapping...showed as the following: